Now, for presidents, prime ministers, heads of state, municipal officials of major cities, general disaster relief planners for refugees and the homeless, planners of exploration camps and imaginative resorts, Dome and Dome introduces an innovative frameless dome home: storable, durable, mass-producible, affordable, portable, easily assembled, impervious to arctic winds and tropical heat. It's a discovery which presents a pratical, realistic solution to a major world problem.

  The patented Dome n Dome housesis designed to provide and protection in a portable frameless enclosure constructed of molded fiberglass, Lexan and other modern plastics including ecologically sound recycled materials.

   The frameless dome is constructed from 1/8-inch thick concave panels that can be put together by three people in less than four hours. The only tools required for assembly area wrench, a screwdriver, and a stepladder. Each dome comes with one door and can accommodate up to five windows.

   Employing spherical geometry, lightweight Dome n Dome houses are restproof, rainproof and can withstand harsh winter weather or summer heat. Dome n Dome housesare used for a variety of purposes such as transitional housing for the homeless, emergency shelter for disaster victims, military applications, remote field camps, spa or equipment covers, studios, workshops, temporary habitations, storage sheds, construction shacks, camping, disaster shelter or tourist rentals.    Dome n Dome houses combines the flexibility of a tent with the strength of a building while maintaining structural integrity through repeated assembly. The product is available in an assortment of colors and as a translucent shell. Maintenance is simply a matter of washing with soap and water.

   The insulated Dome n Dome house provides excellent shelter in adverse weather conditions. Insulated models provide energy efficient housing in all climates. The insulated Dome n Dome housescan be shipped in a container measuring 8' x 8' x 56" and weighs approximately 2,200 pounds. On site, the insulated Dome n Dome housescan be assembled by three men in less than four hours. Once assembled, this structure provides far greater protection against the elements than other shelters, from trailers to most framed wood structures.